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We Have Been A leader In Men's And Ladies Apparel For Over 10 Years and Counting.

Most of our success has been based on the concepts of customers service. Ours is impeccable, with over 10 customer service reps ready to assist you at any time. As with any business time is of the essence, therefore we have created an online catalog shopping experience where you as a business owner can purchase right online. Save time, money, gas, hassle etc... Womenssundaysuits can assist you increasing your markups, and cash flow as we have with thousands of other retailers worldwide.

As a guarantee to you we will always provide a low price, excellent customer service, superior quality and most important a huge inventory. This product line is based on selection (Sizes 4-38w), as many customers need a wide variety to choose from so customers will have a constant "taste" of new merchandise. This concept along with our advanced catalog system will lead to and has already brought upon success to thousands of retailers just like you.

After years of experience regarding church suit attire, superior quality church clothes, and enhanced customer service, we are extremely proud to offer the current collection of the top ladies church suits designers.


Rest assured knowing that we guarantee the ladies church suits & church clothing you are about to purchase are among the most "Classy & Sassy" superior quality items for women across the globe. Our job is to continuously bring you the most elegant womens church suits in only finest quality fabrics in sizes 4 to 34W.


Each season, we offer a large selection of original suit styles available in over 60 colors. Our collection has received enormous critical acclaim first ladies, pastors wifes, preacher wifes ETC... Not too mention our mens suit collection has been exhibited in various Hollywood Movies & International movies all over the world. To call our suits "UNBELIEVABLE" and "REMARKABLE" by Sunday church suit style magazines is an "understatement"


All styles can be found by clicking on our online catalog ( You will receive instant & exclusive access )


Our designer church church outfits & church ensembles are perfect for any number of occasions such as parties, holidays, mother of the bride, weddings, and all church occasions.


We thank you for making us your choice for women's special occasion and church dresses on the internet. We greatly, more than anything, appreciate your feedback and support through out the years. We want to let you know that we will always provide with the superior quality church apparel and the most remarkable customer service we can.


We are privileged that you are so excited about our present " how to dress for church sales " and new church hat lines. As we look to the future, we are confident that you will continue to find a new and exciting shopping experience with us! Our aim is to be the first and last stop in your search for top quality church suits & dresses at the best price. Furthermore we will continue to search out and deliver the most breathtaking ensembles for the high fashion modern day church woman!


Once again, our team thanks you for visiting and we look forward to dressing you in " class & sophistication " year after year....