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Top Tips To Stand Out In Your Sunday Dress

Traditionally, the church has been known to embrace Sunday dresses that conceal some parts deemed sensitive in the church. This has been a welcome concern has it has afforded members the opportunity to not only adhere to the church’s standards but to also seek ways to be unique and chic while doing so.

Just the same way worship in the house of the lord is not expected to be banal or boring, you definitely should look like a million dollars while worshipping the King of Kings. Hence, we at Womenssundaysuits have made it compulsory to highlight some fashion tips that can make you stand out in our Sunday dress this 2018.

  1. Know and adhere to the rules: given the sensitive nature of worship, it would be unfair to both yourself and to the church community if you intend t disrupt worship with a rather obscene outfit. So, the first thing you would like to do is to identify the rules governing Sunday dresses in the church. Most churches discourage dresses that are too short or too clingy as they might act as a distraction to some worshippers.
  2. Go bright: Floral dresses donned in impeccable hats and gloves are most welcome, giving you the look of a British monarch. You should consider a brightly colored daytime dress or an amazingly bright suit. Should the service be a special service that would be followed up by a party afterwards, opt for a classy cocktail dress and cover your outfit with a complementary shawl or jacket till you arrive at the party.
  3. Go Monochromatic if confident: Should you already have the confidence of a runway diva, consider opting for a light shaded plain monochromatic outfit complemented with a fabulously designed hat that would have heads turning. If your outfit selection comes with a low neckline, it should be complemented preferably with noticeable large dangling clear-crystals earing with its neck piece for proper accenting. Additionally, ensure your shoes are preferably heels and are the perfect shade or tint to agree properly with your outfit.
  4. You can never go wrong with frills and lace: As with every fashion trend, confidence conceals a thousand flaws. So, another main fashion trend Sunday dresses have not grown out of is the infusion of laced hems and frills, whether in the neckline, the sleeves or even the hemline. The juxtaposition for frills and lace is that you must ensure proper dress fitting to bring out all the beauty of your frill.
  5. Be whimsically creative and weather sensitive: The church should never be a place for incorrigible dogma, so whenever you feel the temperature rising, consider less-official dresses for church on Sunday. Options such as a checkered, adjustable thin strapped gingham dresses adorned with summer flat sandals and a complementary bag can make you look irresistibly cute and laidback. Another option you can opt for is a simple shimmering but monochromatically nude sleeveless dress with a perfectly matching flat sandal.

When it comes to Sunday dressing, there are no die-hard rules, but you have two options; dress to kill like Suits’ Jessica Pearson or look super cute and cuddly like Tamera Mowry in her Sunday best.